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2nd October 2012

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Bye Bye Beautiful -part II-

Just when I was in a state of bliss about Imaginaerum (almost for a year already) and its movie, here comes the sad news about Anette leaving Nightwish.

Yeah. IT IS SAD. 

For everyone who’s happy about her parting ways with Nightwish, you know, please be considerate of Anette. She’s human too. Just like Tarja who got fired after performing the last tour for Once, she must have been really sad (eventhough they said it’s mutual or whatever). At least that’s what I got from following Anette’s blog for the last few weeks. She’s always happy being on stage with the guys and performing for the fans. So this is really sad, well if you have a heart.

There will be no chance of her beautiful voice singing Turn Loose The Mermaids live~~ Oh, I’m heartbroken. But I hope it will heal as time goes by, just like what I felt about Tarja long before this.

Bye bye, Anette. I will continue to support you just like what I do for Tarja. I love you both. 

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